A little about who I am.

I am a data geek and strategist who uses dirty, disparate data to optimize business practices with relevant metrics, data solutions and insightful stories. I have over 25 years in data strategy, data science and data creation in various information and tech industries, including a PhD in Economics from Brown University.

I am currently looking for a new role as I recently left my position as VP, Data Innovation at Indigo Agriculture, the leader in Beneficial Agriculture, where they are dedicated to improving grower profitability, environmental sustainability, and consumer health through the use of a system approach to regenerative agriculture which includes natural microbiology, digital agronomy and premium marketplace access. My focus at Indigo included combining microbial, spatial and market data to create unique advanced analytics and data solutions for our internal and external customers.

My previous roles also focused on the use of new sources of data to transform industry: financial, advertising and marketing technology products and services.   Most recently, I ran data analytics and data strategy at Tala, a global financial tech startup that transforms mobile behavioral and transactional data to provide financial identities to the underserved in emerging economies.  Prior to Tala, I served as VP, Strategy for Dstillery, a cross-device digital intelligence and audience platform, and Chief Science Officer for EveryScreen Media, a mobile RTB and audience technology company acquired by Dstillery. Prior to EveryScreen, I managed the science, data assets and data engineering teams at WPP’s Kantar Compete, building large, global, multi-sourced digital consumer research panels and consumer analytics.

I am a speaker and writer on innovation through new data, technology and analytics, including prior lecturing at Brown, NYU and UCLA. I am currently chair of the  data advisory board for the USA for UNHCR, a non-profit which supports the UN Refugee Agency where we focus on using data to improve our ability to educate existing and future donors.   I am also a Teaching Fellow for the Harvard Business Analytics Program (HBAP).  I hold multiple patents in audience measurement and metadata creation and I also advise different entrepreneurs and start-ups regarding data and data technology through my own start-up, Moores Data. Current and previous advisor board positions include: Gambit Ventures, Chakra Advisors, Unbound Concepts, Similar Web, JumpShell, TapDog and more.