The Credentialed Episode 3: Patterns on the Field with Lauren Moores of Tala

September 2017

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Today is the day we launch a project that’s been months in the works here. It’s called The Credentialed, and it’s a tech podcast — but not like others you’ve heard.

  • The Credentialed will not fill you in on the hottest tech gadget trends.
  • The Credentialed is not a slick business podcast promoting some dude’s book.
  • The Credentialed will not teach you how to be a Marketing Rockstar or how to Kick Ass in SEO.
  • The Credentialed does not promise to make you more powerful, more profitable or richer after listening.

The Credentialed will, however, introduce you to fascinating people in the world of tech and innovation you should know, but who aren’t always in the spotlight. These are people in tech who are often on the cutting edge of innovation, or behind the scenes, people who have diverse backgrounds and riveting stories.