Winning the Mobile Marketing Game in Senior Housing

Amy Baxter

For years, the senior housing industry has been working its way to a larger web presence to help drive sales and marketing, but the mobile marketing game is quickly taking over. Senior living providers that aren’t thinking about mobile marketing could be left behind as the fast-paced world of technology evolves around them.

While the demographic of baby boomers entering retirement is set to explode over the next decade, businesses that are utilizing mobile platforms may be better off to capture prospective residents and engage their customers, according to Lauren Moores, vice president of strategy at Dstillery, a digital intelligence marketing firm with its own technology platform.

“Facebook figured it out,” Moores said during the 2016 Senior Care Marketing Sales Summit SMASH in Chicago. “Most of their revenue now comes from mobile. We are constantly on our phones and tablets. The data is there: mobile is important.”

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