Computer Program Product and Method for Estimating Internet Traffic

US8135833 B2
Issued 13 March 2012

US8356097 B2
Issued 15 January 2013

Site metrics are presented in association with search results. The site metrics are derived from site analytics that uses clickstream data collected from a panel of internet users to generate and present internet activity metrics. Data collected from a community of internet users may be augmented by clickstream data store content, third party content, search results, and other sources to form estimates of internet activity, such as traffic, that is structured and analyzed to produce metrics of nearly any internet web site or domain. The data may be further augmented with ratings, such as web site trust ratings, retail deals, and analysis of web site content to form a comprehensive set of data that is mined to formulate various metrics of internet activity about web sites. Metrics of internet activity, a.k.a. site analytics, provides analysis that represents aspects of internet user access to a web site. Such aspects may include activity related to visitors, engagement, growth, trust, deals, and the like.