IoT Nexus USA
San Francisco
February 10-11th

Insights Through IoT Integration

Deliver insight through integration: Simplify your data integration proposition and build solutions that allow end users to benefit from the aggregation of multiple data streams

For IoT solutions to deliver efficiency and growth, data from multiple sources must be pulled together and operated on in an open and connected environment. For enterprise customers, this can be a heavy lift in terms of integration, particularly in a context where real-time data requires a real-time response.

This session addresses the business case for data integration projects. Acquire techniques to build a proposition that enables enterprise customers to transform raw data into actionable insight and master ROI metrics to justify investment in data integration tools and services.

Eliminate barriers to effective data integration and develop a solution that supports the needs of enterprise customers
Solve the challenge of legacy database integration and consider best practice for connecting the legacy systems of end users to an agile data warehouse
Improve the impact of analytics projects by developing a go to market strategy that empowers end users to monetize their data assets
Build the business case for your solution using ROI metrics that demystify complexity and warrant investment
Gurvinder Ahluwalia – CTO Cloud Computing, IBM
Bramh Gupta – CEO,
Lauren Moores – VP Strategy, Dstillery
Kaynam Hedayat – VP Marketing & Product Management, Digital Lumens

Moderator: Alex Glaser – Director, Harbor Research