Ad Fraud and Ad Blocking –Taming the Elephant in the Room

Wednesday, July 27, 2016 – San Francisco, California

Ad blocking and ad fraud have become a big problem for our industry—costing billions of dollars in lost revenue, not to mention lost exposures, in 2016 alone. What’s a marketer to do?

Join us on July 27 as the ARF takes the next step to help the industry Tame the Elephant in the Room.  We’ll examine the interactions between ad viewability, ad fraud, and ad blocking in the digital media equation. We’ve curated industry luminaries to help you get smarter faster to tackle the tough questions.  Then we’ll enlist your help. We’ll open up the floor with the experts. We’ll debate and discuss what more we all need to learn in order to “Tame the Elephant in the Room” and come to grips with the triumvirate of Viewability, Fraud, and Blocking.

Featured speakers:
Joe Barone – Managing Director, GroupM
John Clyman – VP, Engineering, Marketplace Quality & Security, Rubicon Project
Dr. Augustine Fou – Research Fellow, The ARF; CEO, Marketing Science Consulting Group
Gayle Fuguitt – CEO & President, The ARF
Harrison Gordon – Product Manager, Google
David Kohl – CEO, Morgan Digital Ventures
Chris Langel – Senior Director, MOAT
Lauren Moores – VP, Strategy, dstillery
Dr. Johnny Ryan – Head of Ecosystem, PageFair
Michael Tiffany – CEO, WhiteOps
Timur Yarnall – SVP, Corporate Development, comScore