ARF Re:Think April 2016
Sports Sponsorship Insights: A Brand New Ball Game

Peter Ibarra – Data Analyst, Dstillery
Dr. Lauren Moores, Ph.D. – VP, Strategy, Dstillery

Each year corporate brands budget huge sums of money for sports team sponsorships, but few methods exist to validate those expenditures. This research tests the hypothesis that digital data signals gathered from MLB stadium visitors can provide significant insight on the value of brand sponsorships and also inform on optimization of brand placement.

This research has far reaching implications for matching teams with prospective sponsors while also providing a comprehensive perspective on who the audience is and how the audience at each ballpark is interacting with current brands. Furthermore, the methods described allow one to quantify the impact of corporate sponsorship in a way never been explored before. Lastly, the techniques described here can be extended to any venue/event/location as well as any online/offline purchase behavior.