Session: Mobile Analytics

Lauren Moores, Dstillery, VP Strategy
Vivian Chang, RetailMeNot, Sr. Manager, Acquisition Marketing
Christian Calderon, Dots, Head of Marketing
Bill Kang, Supercell, Marketing Analytics Lead

At a glance: Panelists discussed the importance of identifying meaningful KPIs, the challenges of too much data, and the role intuition plays in decision making.


“Analytics is really it’s own beast and it has to have it’s own strategic vision.” –Bill Kang

“Our challenge is that we have too much data, and really it’s about getting smart about creativing hypotheses to test.” – Vivian Chang

“There’s a sizeable amount of intuition that ends up factoring into our decisions.“ – Bill Kang

“As a startup, we have to find the KPIs that mean the most to us and run our business off of those.“ – Christian Calderon

“For us, the biggest challenge is teasing out a unified single narrative from all the data.“ – Bill Kang

Key takeaways: Despite the substantial insight data provides, analysts still need to make inferences to tell the story. Identifying the KPIs that are important to your organization and building strategies to achieve them is essential. Too much data can paralyzing, creating and testing specific hypotheses helps.


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