Dstillery Goes Al Fresco at Kinnernet Italy

Where do you go to push the boundaries of art and science, get inspired, and get connected – all at the same time? Lauren Moores shares her experiences from attending Kinnernet Italy, an “unconference,” that focuses on connection, sharing and inspiring others to think beyond today. Read about a few of her observations.

I had the good fortune to attend this year’s Kinnernet “unconference” at H-Farm in Veneto, Italy for three days earlier this month. H-Farm is an incubator space set on an estate in Ca’Tron. This invitation-only event brings together about 200 digital entrepreneurs and influencers from science, business, tech, media, education and art.

The joy and discomfort of an unconference is going with the flow and participating in discussions and projects that might not have been planned ahead of time. The emphasis is on doing: making pasta, taking photos, picking Iocks, singing, playing with gadgets, cooking at midnight and operating machines that were a precursor to the computer. In the breaks from doing, we were working on solving problems such as how to think about the future of work, how to build a currency from art ownership and how using mobile identities can block those who are without identity.

I think Kinnernet mirrors the best of the ad tech industry in its innovation with big data and programmatic buying. Here are a few of my observations:

Invisible Threads: In ad tech, the goal is to find non-obvious connections between consumers and brands through data science and data mashups to reach a broader and more relevant audience.

Physical and Digital Journey: Our mobility is now captured in data through our device usage and location footprints. This allows us to connect physical aspects of our experience with digital behaviors to provide new insights into our needs and brand preferences.

Small and Smart Data: The joy of big data and its ability to reveal new patterns and previously untold stories hinges on our ability to determine which data to use in modeling, and the appropriate models to build. The surroundings and structure of Kinnernet brings together smart, creative people in a small setting to make and solve.

Predictive: With more data, it is less about describing variables within a model and more about model results, where models are built on timely behaviors and not legacy assumptions of personas and demographics. At Kinnernet, we use the collective conversation to go beyond the status quo in our attempt to build the future.

Many of us are in the ad tech industry because it allows us access to data, technology and kindred spirits to solve advertising and marketing challenges as well as use ad tech as the R&D to solving other global systems challenges. That is what Kinnernet is about. I am happy to not only be part of a company like Dstillery that believes in giving back and continuing to innovate, but also part of the community of people who challenge themselves to attend unconferences where you confront your vulnerability, squash your ego and exercise your creativity.

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