Moderator: Lauren Moores

Josh Chasin, Chief Research Office, ComScore
Kajal Mukhopadhyay, VP, Performance & Measurement, Xaxis
Barbara Piermont, Head of Industry- Emerging Accounts, Google


  1. how has your company changed over the last 24 months?
  2. how does that affect strategy and planning?
  3. how do you find resources to support?
  4. where have the largest areas of growth come from? mobile, fraud, programmatic, big data, video
  5. how have your relationships changed in industry?
  6. How are you handling the growth of available data? how has it changed your tech, your products, etc?
  7. how has the adoption and evolution of the self-serve model changed your company?
  8. how has the explosive growth in mobile changed your company?
  9. what worries you today?
  10. Where do you see the industry in the next 24 months?


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