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How To Scale Data Teams The Right Way with Indigo’s Lauren Moores
2019 March Drift Podcast


8 Women in Boston Tech Share How They’re Shaping Their Companies
2018 November Built In Boston

Agriculture and Plant ProBiotics
2018 February DigitalTrends


Where In The World Is Tala?
2017 May Tala Blog

Patterns On The Field
2017 September The Credentialed


The IoT Impact on Human Behavior
2016 July CIO Review

How to Use Big Data to Derive Customer Insights
2016 June 60 Second Marketer

Digital-Life-Design NYC
2016 June Dstillery Blog


Top Trends for Mobile Advertising and Data Science in 2016
2015 December AdAge

Dstillery Goes Al Fresco at Kinnernet Italy
2015 July Dstillery Blog

Measuring the Previously Unmeasurable: Out-of-Home Goes Mobile
2015 May AdExchanger

Easing The Transition To Data-Driven TV Advertising
2015 April AdExchanger

For Dstillery, Geo-Data Is About More Than Mobile
2015 April GeoMarketing

Mobile Video Poised To Change How Marketers Interact With Audiences
2015 March AdExchanger

Closing the Loop with Location Data
2015 February IABlog

Brands Use Emerging Media (And Beer) To Forge New Customer Connections
2015 February AdExchanger

Dstillery VP: Mobile is a ‘Programmatic-First’ Platform
2015 February Street Fight Magazine

Marketers: Prepare Now For The Internet Of Things
2015 January AdExchanger


Measuring the Many:Many World
2014 December Survey Magazine

Will Tools Like Apple Pay Move The Needle On Mobile Commerce?
2014 December AdExchanger

‘M’ Stands for More than Mobile
2014 November AdExchanger

The Folly Of The Click-Through Rate And Simple Math
2014 October AdExchanger

Cross-Channel Silos: Data Rich, Information Poor
2014 September AdExchanger

Mobile Data: More Than Location
2014 August AdExchanger

Placeability: Key To Measuring The Accuracy And Legitimacy Of Mobile Signals
2014 July AdExchanger

Cross-channel measurement and optimization: Targeting mobile app usage to increase desktop brand engagement
ARF Audience Measurement 9.0

The Quantified Self: Coming To A Data Stream Near You?
2014 June AdExchanger

Mobile Is Key To Unlocking Store Measurement
2014 May AdExchanger

The Reality Of RTB & Today’s Mobile Ad Tech Landscape
24 April, 2014 MediaPost RTB Insider

The Evolution Of Programmatic RTB In A Mobile-First World
2014 April AdExchanger

Zoom Out: Go Beyond Hyper-Local
2014 March AdExchanger

Apple’s IDFA Crackdown Reverberates Through Mobile Ad Ecosystem
2014 February Judith Aquino, AdExchanger

Harness the Noise: How Brands Disrupt Through Data
2014 February AdExchanger

Is 2014 The Year – Or Death – Of Mobile?
2014 January AdExchanger


Physical And Digital Worlds Collide
2013 December AdExchanger

Why Brands Are At A Standstill with Mobile
2013 November AdExchanger

Recognizing and overcoming the limitations of mobile cookies
Mobile advertising’s top data: location, location, location
Mobile Marketer Classic Guide to Mobile Advertising October 2013

Analysts Won the America’s Cup (And Other Lessons in Data Steerage)
2013 October AdExchanger

Don’t Let the Fraudsters Scare You Away From Mobile
2013 September AdExchanger

Colleges, Ad Firms Hustle To Fill Talent Void In Data Science
2013 August Judith Aquino, AdExchanger

Want to Make Mobile Advertising Work For You? Get Off the Cookie Diet
2013 August AdExchanger

EveryScreen Media Q&A: Discovering Mobile Audiences With Data Science
2013 July Q&A With Judith Aquino, AdExchanger

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