Making Not Thinking

There are times when I am so A.D.D. that I should remember that the best therapy is to cook, e.g. use the brain to create, combine and achieve a result.  It has been a crazy few weeks – wonderful in some aspects and sad in others.  I have not been grounded and keep trying to […]


Melancholy is a state where we put ourselves missing self expectations or achieving them wanting something that will not work or not wanting something that will Melancholy if ephemeral can give you spirit

Peripatetic Roadtrip

    I love driving on long journeys.  I think it is in my blood.  I grew up traveling to see my grandparents in MD from NY or NJ. When I got my license, I was always the one borrowing the car to drive everyone around.  I was also allowed to drive to my grandparents […]

Honoring MooJoo

As it is Memorial Day, I would like to remember the man who brought me into this world. My dad, John D. Moores, Jr.,  was born in Baltimore, MD in 1939.  Dad graduated from McDonogh School and subsequently joined the Navy in 1961, becoming a Lt. Naval aviator and serving on the USS Hornet through […]

How to Eradicate JetLag?

Play with data all day and night to create fun maps but realize you have only just learned how to write the letter A.

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit

I missed a whole month without prose.   The upside is that I am getting my hands very dirty on the massive amounts of data we have at work.  How grateful am I to play with data again and try to evolve patterns to stories? As for the title…how many of you knew what I […]

Lightning Bolt

For those of you who had the pleasure of seeing Pearl Jam recently at the Barclay Center…amazing, right? As I stood there in section 4, a few random data and optimization thoughts cross my mind. The first was, were my fan club tickets on the floor actually worse than those seats behind the stage?  Those […]

Bored? Brain stuck?

This Giphy through Tapestry was inspired by my friend Katie…It is what I do when I am bored or cannot solve a problem.

Got mobile?

This is still true today …the cartoon is from 2011.

Data ‘Steerage’

When America sealed the America’s Cup victory from New Zealand in September, coming from a 8-1 deficit, I was intrigued more by the use of real-time big data to make racing adjustments than the cool technology that went into the boat design.    Thanks to my day job that focuses on analytics and data, here […]