Making Not Thinking

2014-09-28 19.38.36

There are times when I am so A.D.D. that I should remember that the best therapy is to cook, e.g. use the brain to create, combine and achieve a result.  It has been a crazy few weeks – wonderful in some aspects and sad in others.  I have not been grounded and keep trying to get the keen focus and efficiency which I normally achieve for at least 80% of the time.

At work, I usually will take a period like this and try to datamine and analyze or write a script but I have had other priorities that do not necessarily have results attached.

Cooking is creating and using logic, math, science and magic.  It’s walking into a store or cruising the farmer’s market, looking for something that inspires.  Sometimes it is figuring out how to combine the myriad of items one has at hand.  Any way, it is production, making.

I am afraid I am losing another loved one to a disease.  This is one that no one can understand, solve or stabilize for my best friend, who is struggling. I spent the afternoon with her but feel useless, incompetent, and afraid.  So when I got home, I gathered my energy to cook. Making food heals and reminds me that we are so very lucky to have these moments and love people for what they bring you even if it may shorter than you expected or want.

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