Lightning Bolt

For those of you who had the pleasure of seeing Pearl Jam recently at the Barclay Center…amazing, right?

As I stood there in section 4, a few random data and optimization thoughts cross my mind.

The first was, were my fan club tickets on the floor actually worse than those seats behind the stage?  Those seats where you can see the entire band, closer than I could at the show, and really, do I care if I am looking at their behinds? (um…no, it’s Eddie!).

Second, what if I hadn’t let my membership to the Fan Club lapse for a month or two probably around 2003/2004 and forget the previous number at that time and lose years of seniority?  Would I be in section 1?  If the actual VHC/Ten Club ID means anything, my original member ID  was close to 100,000 vs. my current Ten club number in the 325,000 range.

Why Pearl Jam?  My second all time favorite band.

When Pearl Jam?  1992

My first interaction with the band was a result of working at Good Vibrations in Massachusetts as a part time employee, selling cassettes and CDs.  The Pearl Jam album Ten had reached number two on the charts, pushing grunge into mainstream (for some of us late-comers).    I do not remember my first show – I know! – but it was likely at Great Woods.  Research among my PJ fan club newsletters show that I must have joined the original Vitalogy Health Club sometime around newsletter #7.

However, fan seniority is one thing as a variable in seat location – is show attendance ?  On that matter, I am a good fan, but not a great fan.  I see PJ when they are near me and occasionally I will drive to another East Coast city (Randall Island or Eddie’s Philly show when I was still in Boston) but I do not follow them all over the country like friends of mine.  I do pine sometimes when I hear of the shows on the West Coast…but I digress from my data thoughts.

So let’s do some math and figure which variables I have:

My Ten club ID:  xx

My seats at the NY show: section 4, row 8

My years with that ID: ~9 years

Assumption 1:  Show attendance is not a variable in the metric.

Now – I need to contact one my fellow Ten Club members to determine where there seats were and how long they have been members (and perhaps, what range their member number falls in).

Stay tuned…

Until then, rock on.





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