I had the pleasure of attending and speaking at the second annual DataGotham Empire State of Data conference earlier this month.  From the lightening talks on Thursday night to the all day session and product/employer expo on Friday, this event reminded me how glad I am to be part of the NYC data and technology scene.  

Artists, entrepreneurs, students, scientists and storytellers were just a sampling of the amazing people I met and geeked out with!

Cross-industry topics included:  network science, sentiment analysis, realtime maps, health infographics, multi database integration, storm modeling,  privacy and ethics, and more.

To see some excerpts, the datagotham youtube channel will soon have the 2013 topics or check these speakers:

Hüseyan Oktayword usage on Twitter by demo – do your own analysis!

Gilad Lotan – cool network graphing – LOL vs. funny captured here on Tapestry

Cathryn Posey – civic open data hackathon winner of OpenJudge



And here is a well done synopsis of the event by Travis Korte at the Center for Data Innovation.

DataGotham is the brainchild of these brilliant NYCers:  


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